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  • Telecommunication

    Telecommunication cables are floated along trenches.Inspection chambers are built up along the cable runs to provide for ease of access to the cables for routine maintenance work. Service

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  • Directional Drilling

    Where roads and other obstacles need to be crossed and it can’t be trenched a specialized directional drill is used.

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  • Engineering

    A lot of the work that Itaga Trading does involves laying down trenches for telecommunications optic fibres. The trenches have to be plastered and rendered water-proof to protect the optic fibre equipment

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Itaga Trading is intended to improve market efficiency in the globally Distance to connect all Segment by increasing available Globally Network Infrastructures, to enhance and increased available capacity to stimulates all Public and private sectors the Innovation in Telecommunications and content offering, to ensure the recognition of the Service provided as the choice for end -to end Communication, this will enable that there’s opening and Transparent communication Globally.

WHAT we Offer

Telecommunications engineering
Civil works
Directional drilling
Information technology
Project management
Maintenance services (Optical Fibres, BTS & BSC)
Optical Fibres Installation and telecom towers Construction
Microwaves Construction and RF installations
Cell site remote monitoring
Floating and splicing
Survey reports and Planning design
Way leave or right obtaining way(ROW)

Skills and Experiences

Information Technology
Project Management