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Itaga Trading is provides a rapid deployment of Microwaves Installations and cabling technologies that enhance information and communication delivery around the world, Its offers arrange of end- to- end passive Micro ducts and fibre Infrastructures Installation solution in the core, The Micro ducts product is aimed to be used at Major Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers , Turnkey Contractor as well as Private and Public Sector Services Providers.


Itaga Trading Group offers and engage with Civil Engineering in design, Construction, and Maintenance of the physical and naturally Built environment, Including Public works such as Sewerage system, Roads, Transport, Pipelines, Structural Components of Buildings, Electrical Installations in Buildings, Electrical Reticulations within a Plot of Land (erf) or Building Sites, Building and ancillary works, Urban Development and Municipal Services, and in the Private sector from individual homeowners through to international Companies. We have qualified Professional engineers that stand to our Promise and commitment of delivering works on time together with exceeding Customers satisfaction by Providing standard and Quality work.

Information Technology

Itaga Trading Group Offers and Provides services on Installation of both Wired and Wireless points of networks (WI-FI), Network cable Testing , Tidying and rerouting of the existing Networks installations, patching panel, Accessories and Labelling of networks Cables, CAT5 and CAT7 Networks cable installations and Maintenances, Cabinet Installations and Preparation for Servers, Switches, Routers and all Networking Devices, and Fibre Optic Links installations and Maintenances.

Project Management

Itaga Trading, with all workflows and internal Processes to managed the works, tracking Progress and recurring work is a must be for any working operation teams. With extensive experience working with all clients in the Projects and by combining the in-depth knowledge from Itaga Trading wide ranging disciplines Itaga can ensure that the Project is successfully not only to the Client but also the end user and other stakeholders. Our approach is to ensure that there is clearly understand the Clients needs and define the Project goals together at an early stage before execution of the Projects, This will enable as to work as efficiently as we could throughout the Projects whilst giving the Client assurance and Confidence that the Projects will be completed within the Budget and agreed time successfully.

Maintenance Service

Due to the growth of fibres users, cabling in the environment in which the medium has become as the way of communication globally, It is essential for a Client to cut access Network Maintenance costs and time, For good Access Network, Itaga Trading offers services in Technical Support, Locating fault, Identifying Breaks in Fibre Cables, loss measurement at Fibres Cable connectors, Fibres Cable Maintenance, Excessive Fibre Bending in subscriber householders, Locating Macro bending Fault, Locating LAF Fault, Proactive Services. Is the ideal solution for maintaining in the services PON system because it enables less experienced services for engineers to solve problems easily and quickly while remain connected.


Itaga trading is geared to ensure the best possible service and installation to the telecommunication industry with more than 20 company owned vehicles at our disposal as well as additional vehicles that can be added if the need arises. Itaga Trading has a number of trailers available for the transportation of all the necessary signage equipment and products required on site. We have qualified personnel along with the required equipment to affect the successful and timeous completion of projects undertaken.